Vale Brewing website on a tablet device with their 375ml can packaging.

Vale Brewing

Website / Packaging

Vale Brewing only had a minimal set of established brand elements when I worked with them on their website: a logo and an iconic bottle label.

Designing their website required me to extend those elements to a full brand identity, and then apply it across a website that would sit cohesively with their product range.

Other work included redeveloping their 375ml can packaging to make a bolder design with more legibility and shelf presence; and creating a whole new brand for a newly released craft line of beers.


  • Website design
  • Front-end development
  • Packaging design
  • Brand identity


  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript
Vale Brewing homepage in a desktop window.
Vale Brewing website on tablet devices
Vale Brewing website shown across mobile devices.

I also worked on redeveloping the packaging for Vale Brewing’s 375ml can range. The previous packaging relied on a raised ink to create the dot pattern, which the client wanted to move away from. I was able to create the iconic dot pattern through a contrasting of matte and low-sheen inks. I further adjusted the design to be bolder resulting in increased legibility and shelf presence.

Vale Brewing 375ml can artwork update.

Fox Hat Brewing Co. – a secondary craft beer range from Vale Brewing – is an outlet for the head brewer to be let off the leash. The beers are bolder and bigger in flavour, and the brand needed to reflect this and sit in a more boutique space than Vale’s primary range. I developed a brand identity including bespoke lettering for the logo mark and the sub-brands. This extended across tap decals and drink packaging.

Fox Hat Brewing Co. branding.
Fox Hat Brewing Co. can artwork and tap decals.